Why every business needs an employee handbook

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Handbooks. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they can be extremely useful for both employees and employers. I’ve seen handbooks that are LONG, and others that are the bare minimum. Some companies just don’t have them at all.   But why are they so useful?   They help explain expected behaviours in your workplace – making

Working from home – or not!

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Lockdown 2.0. You’d think we’d be used to working from home by now; spending more time indoors, less of a commute (unless you live in a really big house, of course), and generally being trusted to work on our own initiative. However, with lockdown comes isolation. As an introvert, you’d think sitting on my own

What is HR? Does anyone really know?!

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I’ve always struggled to explain what exactly “Human Resources” is, and what we do as professionals. Ultimately, we look after the employment lifecycle of individuals. We make sure they have the best possible experience working for our company, starting with the recruitment of that individual up until the point that they leave (and everything in

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